Saving and investing

Whether you are looking to save regularly or invest a lump sum or whether you are concerned with capital growth or income, the type of product you choose and the underlying investment are important considerations. And with over 2,000 investment funds available, picking the right fund or mix of funds can be a tricky task.

With the right advice, you can ensure your investments meet your objectives, match your personal views on investment risk and are held in the right products – ISA (Individual Savings Account), Investment bond, unit trust, OEIC, Offshore bond, VCT – to maximise your tax allowances.

What’s more, I can offer an ongoing service to make sure your investments continue to work for you, by reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis.


My Investment Process

Stage 1 – Understanding Your Investment Needs

What are your aims and objectives. Are you investing for growth or income? How long are you investing for? Might you need access to your capital? What’s your personal attitude to investment risk?

Stage 2 – Asset Allocation

It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. That’s why I always look to spread your risk by investing in different types of investment: from shares and bonds to property and cash. And I will set an investment mix that matches your objectives and your attitude to risk.

Stage 3 – Product Selection

Selecting a suitable product with low charges can make a significant difference to your investment returns. For example with a stocks and shares ISA, you have no tax to pay on income or capital gains making these a highly efficient vehicle for long-term savings and investments.

Stage 4 – Ongoing Review

I will review your investments with you at least annually (and sometimes more often if necessary) to ensure they continue to meet your objectives.


Why seek advice?

I have many years’ of experience and specialist qualifications in managing investment portfolios for clients and a large, well-established group of satisfied investment clients.

I regularly research the investment market and speak to fund managers throughout the year to ensure I continue to recommend the best funds available.

Whether you are looking for income or growth you can be sure your savings are in good hands.

To discuss your saving or investing needs, contact us for an initial no obligation consultation.