Income planning in retirement

With life expectancy increasing many people retiring today could live for another thirty years. And with people generally living more active lifestyles in retirement, any carefully saved nest-eggs have to work harder for you than ever before.

New pension reforms now give you greater flexibility on how to plan for your retirement and utilise your pensions in a manner that suits your retirement ambitions. However, the choices you make when you retire can have a significant impact on your standard of living for the rest of your life. So it’s important to make sure your decisions are right.

But producing a retirement income is not simply about pensions, any savings and investments outside of pensions, or any lump sums you receive from your pension, can be arranged to produce income. And, if it’s within an ISA, the income you receive will be tax-free.

Why seek advice?

I will help establish your income needs in retirement and see how you can generate that income from your pensions and savings. I will advise you on the most suitable options – from comparing annuities and pension drawdown products to ISAs and bonds – to ensure you maximise your assets.

And I will review your income plans regularly to ensure they remain on track.

To discuss your retirement options, contact us today for an initial, no obligation consultation.