Planning for Retirement

Retirement is one of the most important aspects of anyone’s life. Setting aside enough when we are working, to ensure we have enough to support us when we are retired, should be a key objective in life. With state pensions and work-based pension schemes (final salary pensions) in decline, the onus for planning a financially secure retirement now rests firmly with the individual.

There are seven key issues to consider when planning for your retirement:

    1. Time – the longer you save the bigger pension fund you can build up.
    2. Set a target – how much income might you need in retirement?
    3. Contributions – set a level that is adequate to reach your target income.
    4. Risk – what level of investment risk are you comfortable with?
    5. Access – are you comfortable locking the money away until retirement?
    6. Which product – stakeholder pensions, personal pensions, SIPPs, ISAs or even Venture Capital Trusts?
    7. Regular monitoring.

Why seek advice?

I will help guide you through all of these steps to help you establish your retirement ambitions and put you on a path to reach your goals. With significant experience in the pension marketplace  and investment expertise, I will help ensure you get the best product with the best growth potential.

And if you have existing pension plans, I can examine those plans and help you make any changes needed to ensure you meet your retirement objectives.

To discuss your retirement plans, contact us today for an initial, no obligation consultation.